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This information only pertains to Hurricane Electric's Shared Web Hosting package. There may be different information in our other categories.

The following covers how to use Procmail to do your autoresponding. An easier method is through https://(your server name) . Log in using your email address and email password and click on "Vacation."

To use Procmail instead, create a plain text file in your home directory called:


Make sure it starts with a period and has no extention such as ".txt". If you create the file offline, it will need to be uploaded in text or ASCII mode. The contents of the file should look like this:


# A Sample autoresponder to send info when someone sends a message to
# Create a file in your home directory called emailinfo.txt
# put what you want sent out in there.

* $DEFAULT ?? ^/var/mail/|$)
* !^X-Loop:
        :0 h c
        | (formail -t -r -A"X-Loop: " ; \
        cat $HOME/emailinfo.txt ) | \
        /usr/bin/sendmail -t

# And send a copy to me too!



If you are already using Procmail, e.g. for email forwarding or Spam Assassin, you can just add everything from the # downward to the end of the file.