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This information only pertains to Hurricane Electric's Shared Web Hosting package. There may be different information in our other categories.

How do I add the VRML MIME type?

We have already added the following definition to the system MIME types:

x-world/x-vrml wrl vrml

What is a robots.txt file?

A robots.txt file tells search engines which of your web pages you would prefer not be indexed. There's more information at:


Do you index and catalog your pages automatically so that they can be picked up by a database without you having register them?

No, you must register your pages yourself.

Can I read Usenet newsgroups through your server?

We offer news feeds, which are batch transfers of all internet newsgroups and runs on the order of 300GB of information per month. This is something that is generally intended for other ISPs. Our current rate is $495/month for this service.

We generally suggest that our customers look into www.supernews.com for their internet newsgroup reading needs.

I'll be using this service to mirror my commercial WEB servers. Is that a problem for you?

No problem. If fact, we would like to do anything we can to support you so that you can use our web servers.

How do I change my user name?

The only way to do that is to cancel your current account and order a new one.

How do I change my password?

Our security policy requires that you respect the good password selection rule of avoiding using English words as your password in the interests of a minimum level of security. A good password must be at least 7 characters in length and should contain at least one letter and at least one number. Passwords should not be based upon common sayings or anything recognizable.

You may change your password. However, if you do change it, please make sure to follow our password creation guidelines.

To change your password, log into the account management system and click on "Issue New Password" from the list of commands.

There is a way to come up with a password you can remember that meets our guidelines. If you think of a sentence of about seven words that has a number in it, and take the first letters of the words, and using the number instead of the word for the number, you have a password that you can remember as long as you remember the sentence. For example, a good sentence might be "One fine day, I picked a password." This would translate to "1fdIpap" (one is a number, isn't it?), which looks like utter gibberish, but can be remembered, because you know the sentence. When you need to enter your password, just think of the sentence, which can be as weird or wacky as you want it to be.

If I forget my password how do I go about finding out what it is?

Our client's passwords are so secure that not even we know them. However if you do forget you password, just send an email to support@he.net and we'll assign you a new password. Make sure to send the email from the email account you specified when you set up your account. Include your account name and what server your account is on.

Can I use crontab to mirror our existing site elsewhere on a Hurricane Electric server?

Yes, all new accounts have this capability.

Please don't schedule your crontab job to run more than once per day. Also, it is good to schedule crontab tasks between 10pm and 6am Pacific Standard Time (the time on the server) because the load on the server is lower.

Please note that crontab is not available for "Simple Virtual Host" accounts.

A list of the features for each currently available account type is available here:


If you need to upgrade your account type, please email support@he.net to request an account type upgrade.

Can I run a IRC bot, MUD, MOO, or MUSH 24 hours a day?

Not in a regular web hosting account. However, you could run them on a dedicated server or a colocation server. For more information about colocation read our colocation page.