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This information only pertains to Hurricane Electric's Shared Web Hosting package. There may be different information in our other categories.

How do I check traffic for my account?

You can go to:

Replace with your actual domain name.

Can I password protect my webalizer reports?

Yes, if you have a "Starter Virtual Host" or above.

Please note that password protecting directories is not enabled for "Simple Virtual Host" accounts.

A list of features for each account type is available here:

If you need this feature, please email to request an upgrade of account type.

How do I password protect my webalizer reports?

You can use SSH to access your account and at the command prompt, type:

htdigest -c /home/username/.web/auth-webalizer webalizer user

Replace 'username' with your account name and replace 'user' with the name you want to use for accessing the protected directories. You should then be prompted to give a password to use for access.

Note: This password protection will not take effect immediately. It may take as long as 24 hours for our Apache configuration to pick up this change.

Is it possible to enable hostname lookups in my status reports?

Yes. Log into the billing database at and click on Edit Virtual Host Otions. Then select HostnameLookups.

Please note that this can cause your web site to be up to 10% slower.

Could you tell me what the access_log is and let me know if we have access to it? Is this the same as webalizer?

Your raw access logs are located in:


For easier access, you can symlink the log directory inside your home directory:

ln -s /var/log/apache2-vhosts/USERNAME/ ~/log

The access_log files contain all of the information from which the activity reports are generated. In general, only programmers need to know where they are because the information is in a raw format.

How long will my log files stick around?

We close your daily log file and start a new one every 24 hours. We save those older logs for a period of 30 days per file in your logs directory. If you want to keep these files for archival purposes, you'll need to download them or copy them outside the logs directory.