Traffic and Disk Space

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This information only pertains to Hurricane Electric's Shared Web Hosting package. There may be different information in our other categories.

What exactly does "traffic included" mean?

If you have a home page with 10 k of text each time somebody looks at it and causes the server to transfer the file over the Internet it generates 10 k of traffic. If you had 100,000 visitors to your web page you would have 1 gigabyte of traffic.

What methods do you use to determine storage usage?

We determine storage usage by a daily average of the combined total size of an account's home directory and mail files.

How do I determine how much hard drive space my account is using?

You can find this information in under the "View Storage and Traffic" section.

What methods do you use to determine traffic usage?

We determine web traffic usage by extracting information from the access_log files generated by the HTTP daemon. We determine FTP traffic usage from the FTP xferlog file generated by the FTP daemon.

What do I do if I'd like additional hard drive space?

You can use additional space as you need it. We will charge you based upon your average space consumed throughout the month.

If you need to upgrade your account type, you can send an email to and request an account type change.

Does each additional MB carry the same traffic limit?

Traffic is separate from storage. If you use additional storage it does not change your traffic total or increase the amount of traffic included free. So the answer is no, you don't get extra free traffic because you have a giant web site.