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This information only pertains to Hurricane Electric's Shared Web Hosting package. There may be different information in our other categories.

What is Webmail2?

Webmail2 is the current webmail application for Hurricane Electric customers and should already be installed on every account. In order to access Webmail2, go to http://www.yourdomain.com/webmail/ This page allows you to check your email from any computer with a web browser and an internet connection. After clicking the Login button and entering your mailbox username (complete email address) and password, you will be able to read, delete, reply to, and forward any emails that have not already been downloaded in your local email client.

Note: If your account is on an older server and you currently have the old Webmail installed on your account, you can find Webmail2 by going to http://www.yourdomain.com/webmail2/

I am getting the error: "ERROR: Could not complete request. Reason Given: Subscribe"

This error will occur when you are not "subscribed" to any folders. To rememdy this, click the Options link, then click the Folder Preferences link. You don't have to actually change any of your preferences; just click the Submit button. After you submit the information, click the Refresh Folder List link at the top of the page. This should refresh your list of folders and allow you to read your email by going to your INBOX folder.

There are a few similar errors that can be solved by subscribing and unsubscribing from your folders. Try changing a few things and see if that resolves the issue.

Can I use multiple names from the address book?

Yes. The address book search will display all matches for the search criteria entered in the search box. If 10 names are displayed, any combination may be selected for either the To: or CC: fields. All selected addresses will be inserted into the proper filed when the Use Address button is pressed.

Can I add names directly to the address book from an email?

No. At this time you cannot add names directly from a received email to the address book. You can, however, right click on the address and save it to the clipboard and paste this into the address book. Try not to be disappointed. Webmail2 is under continual development and this might be included in the future in one form or another.

How can I save a copy of each email I compose?

First you will need to create a "Sent" folder. If you already have a folder in the left sidebar titled "Sent", then you can skip the creation step. To create the Sent folder, click the Folders link, and enter the new folder name (in this case "Sent") in the "Create Folder" section. Once you click the "Create" button, the new folder should be created (you will have to click the refresh folder list link in the left sidebar). Now click the Options link, then click the Folder Preferences link. From this page, there should be a drop down list at the top that says Sent Folder. In this drop down list, select the "Sent" folder. Click the Submit button at the bottom.

Now all the emails you send should also be saved in your "Sent" folder.

How can I sort my email by a different column header?

Next to each column there is a small gray box. If you click that gray box, Webmail2 will redisplay your messages by that column.

If the grey boxes aren't showing up, you may be using the threaded view (which sorts by date only). Click on "Unthread View" to change this.

Why is my webpage is being displayed in another language?

This can sometimes happen when you are changing your Display Preferences. To change the default language back to English, click the Options link (the fourth link from the left), then click the Display Preferences link (first link on the right side). There should be a box titled Language. In that drop down list, select English, then click the Submit button at the bottom.

Webmail2 should now display the webpage in English again.

How can I have Webmail2 display the sizes of my emails?

By default, Webmail2 will not display the "Size" column for your emails. To turn this column on, click the Options link, then click the Index Order link. The drop down list at the bottom should have "Size" in the list (possibly along with other columns). Select the "Size" column, then click the Add button. This will add the Size column to your folder list. Click the INBOX link on the left sidebar and you should now see the list of your messages.

How can I add or remove folders?

To add or create folders (to help organize your email account), click the Folders link at the top. From here you can delete folders you have created (under the Delete Folder section) or create folders (under the Create Folder section). You can also rename existing folders.

How do I change the size of the folder bar on the left?

The default size for the folder list sibar on the left is 150 pixels. Sometimes you need to make this bigger to see all of your folders correctly. To change the size, click the Options link, then click the Display Preferences link. About half way down there is a drop down list labeled Width of folder list. Here you can change the size by either choosing fewer or more pixels to reserve for the sidebar. Make sure you click the Submit button to save your changes.

Do I need to have cookies enabled to use Webmail2?

Yes. You MUST have cookies enabled to use both the Webmail and Webmail2 clients. Whenever you log in, your mailbox username and password is stored in a cookie file (a local file stored on your computer). This information is read from the file whenever you access the webmail page. If this cookie is not found, the webmail client will insist that you log in again.

Can I use the old Webmail client?

Once you've used IMAP or the Webmail2 client to access your mailbox, you will no longer have the ability to view mail in your old Webmail INBOX. You can, however, still view any Webmail folders you may have added. These folders are not accessible through Webmail2, and at this time you will need to recreate them for use under the new webmail client. We are currently working on a solution to "push" old folders to the new webmail client but this service is not yet available.

Can I change the date format?

Unfortunately, at this time you cannot change the format in which the date is displayed in Webmail2.

How do I delete messages?

There are two way to delete messages in Webmail2:

  • From the main message index that displays all of your messages, put a checkmark next to the messages you wish to delete. Then click the Delete check messages button (located at the top right of the window. This will delete any messages with a checkmark next to them.
  • If you are currently viewing a message (you have clicked on its subject and can see its body, click the Delete link located above the header of the message.

Why can't I log into Webmail2?

There is no easy way to know why you cannot log into Webmail2, but here are a couple things to try before calling or writing to support.

  • Double-check your mailbox username and password. In Webmail2, your mailbox username is your entire email address, such as mailbox@domain.com. Your mailbox username should be type in ALL lower case and your password is case-sensitive.
  • Make sure caps lock is not on.
  • Make sure cookies are enabled in your browser.
  • You MUST be an Hurricane Electric customer in order to use our Webmail and Webmail2 services.

If you are still experiencing problems, please contact technical support for help.

Why have my folders disappeared?

If you have migrated to one of our v3 servers, please contact Technical Support to have them convert your old webmail folders and address book to webmail2 folders and address book.