SFTP Errors

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This information only pertains to Hurricane Electric's Shared Web Hosting package. There may be different information in our other categories.

Login incorrect. Logon failure, so quitting.

This is the most common SFTP error message. Usually it's caused by an incorrect username or password. Check that your username and password are identical to the username/password combination that was assigned to you. Your account name must be all lowercase. Also the password is case sensitive and must have exactly the same upper and lowercase letter combination. If you have forgotten your password, send an email to support@he.net[1] to have a new one issued.

Permission Denied

This is caused by a Unix permissions setting. If you are getting it while trying to change into a directory under your account's root directory, the directory is probably not set to be executable. On Unix, directories must be set as executable in order to change into them.

If you are getting this error while trying to change into a directory outside of your account's space, you are not allowed to access the directory.

Tip: Chmod your directory to the following:

  • Owner - read, write, execute
  • Group - read, execute
  • World - read, execute

A directory listing should look like this:


Blocking Call Canceled

This SFTP error message occurs when the transfer has too many errors. It is usually due to phone line or connectivity problems or using a modem speed setting that the modem can't really handle.

Sometimes you will only see these modem troubles when uploading files to your web sites because that is generally when the most data is sent at one time from your computer to the Internet.

To troubleshoot this problem, first plug a phone into the phone line your modem is connected to. If there is static on the line, then call the phone company to get it fixed.

If there's no trouble with the phone line then lower the configured connect speed (port speed) on the dialing software before connecting to the ISP when the connection will be used to upload dat to the Web site. If the error persists after turning down the port speed, please contact your ISP and ask them to help you adjust your MTU settings. (This procedure can also improve data transfer rates from the Internet to your system.)

If you experiences this error on an LAN-Internet connected network, contact your Network Administrator.

DoDirList Returned x

This problem is caused by similar problems to those which produce the "blocking call canceled" error message. The most common cause of this type of error is a slow serial port.

Check for data overruns, dirty phone lines or trying to run faster than your hardware can support, or contact your ISP and ask them to help you adjust your MTU settings.